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What Is Mortgage Refinancing?

Small wooden house with coins piled up outsideWhat does refinancing a home loan mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Read on if you’ve curious about home refinancing and if it’s a good idea for you.

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What Makes a Good Credit Score?

girl with thought bubbles overhead reading "poor", "credit score", "average" and "excellent"A good credit score can earn you lots of advantages in life: lower interest rates on lines of credit and loans, like auto and home loans; better insurance rates; lower security deposits on rentals, cell phone services, and new utilities; and even a stronger job application with employers who run a credit check. Learn the steps to take to grow and maintain a strong credit score.

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Start The New Year With Savings In Mind

person's hand placing coins in a piggy jar The new year is approaching! Make a resolution to pay yourself first and help set yourself up for a comfortable financial future. Learn how to build a healthy financial relationship with your future self.

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